Dynamic Landing Page for Google Ads

Create in the easiest way variantes of landing page for each paid keyword in your Google Ads account 🔥

A new way to optimize your lead generation in Google Ads

Security and privacy

LanderMagic is GDPR compliant and does not collect any data on your users. However, our tool covers 100% of your traffic coming from your Search Ads.

Connect all your accounts

Connect all your Google Ads accounts and manage it effortlessly.

Create unique experience

The best way to convince your prospect is to use his words, right? So, let's do it!

Auto-save mode

Are you afraid to refresh the page? You don't have to be. The 'Auto-save' function has got your back.

Built-in AI feature

Creating content for every keyword can be time-consuming. The 'Magic' feature will save you time.

Universally compatible

It integrates perfectly with Webflow, Wordpress, Nextjs or any other website builder or technology.

One click to connect

All your Google Ads keywords imported

Effortlessly import your Google Ads keywords with just one click. Our intuitive interface ensures a seamless transfer, saving you time and streamlining your campaign setup with your dynamic landing pages.

It's like it was written for me...

Create customizable variables with ease

Customize your Google Ads landing pages like never before. LanderMagic empowers you to create custom variables, giving you the flexibility to personalize content dynamically. Say goodbye to generic landing pages – make each visitor's experience unique.

All-in-one solution

No need for additional tools

Why juggle between different tools and installations? LanderMagic is your all-in-one solution. No need for a separate landing page builder or analytics installation – we've got you covered. Save time and resources while maximizing your advertising efforts.

Universally compatible

Fits all websites and technologies

No matter your website or technology stack, LanderMagic seamlessly integrates. Our platform is designed to be compatible with all websites and technologies, ensuring that you can harness the power of dynamic landing pages without any compatibility concerns.

Each keyword becomes a unique experience

Personalize content for each keyword

Make every click count. Personalize your website content for each paid keyword. Engage your audience with targeted messaging that resonates, boosting your conversion rates and optimizing lead generation effortlessly.

The Magic Feature

Effortless Content Autocompletion

Introducing the Magic Feature – your secret weapon for efficient content creation. This feature helps you autocomplete content for similar keywords, making the process smooth and hassle-free. Let the magic happen as you save time and enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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